Greensalad L/G 5,50€
Snails with garlic-chevrecheese topping 9,80€
Creamy smoked reindeer soup L 9,90€


Bread basket 5,50€

Mangochicken (Fried chicken with mango- cointreausauce, seasonal vegetables, devil's jam, halloum cheese and sweet potato fries) G 21,60€
Fried Salmon (Fried salmon with hollandaise sauce, seasonal vegetables and sweet potato fries) L/G 21,80€
Hunter's bread (Pork steak with toast, house's mushroom sauce and salad) L 19,60€


Root vegetables rösti (Root vegetables rösti with house's mushroom sauce, vegetables and sweet potato fries) L/G 18,60€


Cognac steak (With Laura's redwine cognac sauce, seasonal vegetables and criss cross potatoes) L 29,80€

Pepper steak "Timo" (With Timo's pepper sauce, seasonal vegetables and french fries) L/G 29.70€


House's chickensalad 14,50€

(Saladmix, tomat, cucumber, halloum cheese, cashewnuts, devil's jam, chickenfilee and herb oil)

House's salmon salad 14,50€

(Saladmix, tomat, cucumber, melon, cashewnuts, fried salmon och lemon vinegrette)

Baked potato + 2 fillings on your own choise and sour cream- cremefraiche sauce 13,50€

(Fried salmon, chicken, pineapple, reindeer groat, feta cheese, ham, blue cheese)


Chicken pasta 16,20€

Salmon pasta 16,80€

Vege pasta 14,80€

Available in glutenfree


Choose 3 toppings:

Ham, chicken, salmon, tuna, reindeergroat, feta cheese, bluecheese, halloum cheese, pineapple, mushrooms


Meat 15,00€

(Full steak biff, cheddar cheese, salad, tomato and house's mayonnaise)

Chicken 15,00€

(Chickenfilee, halloum cheese, salad, tomato and mango mayonnaise)

Vege 15,00€

(House's vegebiff, tomato, salad and herb mayonnaise)

Pork steak with butter button and french fries L/G 11,20€
Hamburger with criss cross potatoes 9,20€

Sausage and french fries L/G 8,90€

House's icecream dos 5,50€

(Baileys-, and vanilj icecream) L/G

Chocolate brownie with berries L/G 7,80€
Jack Daniels pannacotta L/G 7,50€

Houses cheesecake L 4,50€