Greensalad L/G 5,50€
Snails with garlic-chevrecheese 9,80€
Smoked reindeer soup L 9,90€
Sweet potato soup VL 9,20€

Appetizer for four: Self-made chickenfile sticks, onionrings, sweetpotatofries, carrot- and cucumber sticks, mango- and house's mayonnaise 16,50€


Chicken basket: chickenfile,
deep-fried onion rings, sweet potato fries and dip 11,20€
Baked potato, greensalad and cremefraichesourcream L/G 12,90€
Choose two dishes: salmon, chicken, feta, ham, reindeer, bluecheese


Salad, cucumber, tomatos, cashewnuts, linseed

Chickenfile, halloumcheese, herb oil and devi´s jam G 14,50€

Salmon with lemon vinagrette 14,50€

Chevrechicken with root vegetables, blackcurrant sauce, devil´s jam and sweet potato fries VL/G 19,60€
Salmon with butter white wine sauce, vegetables and sweetpotatofries 19,80€
Hunter's bread (toast with mushroomsauce and greensalad 18,60€


Rotvegetablesrösti with kantarell sauce and sweet potato fries L/G 17,30€


Oxfile with vegetables, pestosauce and baked potate L/G 28,90€

Pepper steak with vegetables, pepper sauce and french fries L/G 29,40€

Full steak with salad, cherrytomatoes, house mayonnaise, cheddarcheese and crisscross potatoes L 14,80€
Chicken file with halloumi cheese, salad, mango mayonnaise, cherrytomatoes and crisscross potatoes 14,20€
Tofu beef with herb mayonnaise, salad, cherrytomatoes and sweet potatofries L 13,50€

Extra filling: Bacon, eggs, reindeer 1,50€

Mayonnaises: Chilimayonnaise, Jalapeno-garlic mayonnaise, House mayonnaise, Original mayonnaise 1,50€


Ofelia's special: Fetacheese, halloum, strawberry's and chickenfilee 15,00€

Timo recommend: Reindeer, fetacheese, garlic and cherrytomatoes 15,50€

Tuukka recommend: Salami, bacon, minced meat and bearnaisesauce 15,50€

Nea recommend: Ham, fetacheese, shrimps and bluecheese 15,50€

Paula recommend: Chickenfilee, pineapple, mushrooms, halloum ans bearnaisesauce 15,50€

extra filling 1,50€


Salmonpasta 16,50€ (gluten-free 18,50€)

Pineapple chicken pasta 15,80€ (gluten-free 16,90€)

Pesto vegetables pasta 14,20€ (gluten-free 16,50€)

Pork minute steak with crisscross potatoes, spiced butter and salad L 11,00€
Burger, ketchup, salad and cheese with sweet potatofries L 8,70€

House's meatballs with frenchfries 10,20€

Ofelia special for two (houses cake, baileys ice cream,
rhubarbsorbet, queensorbet and roasted white chocolate) 14,50€
Mascarbonemousse with fresh berries L/G 8,80€
House's chocolate cake with caramelizet pineapple 7,80€

Houses cheesecake L 4,50€

Houses ice cream 3,50€
Baileys L/G
Mint L/G
Turjeys pepper L/G
Houses sorbet 3,50€
Rhubarb L/G
Queen L/G